how to care with her baby befor give birth

 After becoming a mother, a new life begins, for which it is very important for us to take care of ourselves, adopt these tips.

The joy of giving birth to a child is such that the family pays more attention to the child and ignores the health of the mother, due to which the mother becomes mentally and physically weak.

On the day a girl becomes a mother, on the same day many changes start taking place in her body, the enthusiasm changes in all of them, they are very full of pain, 

whatever changes happen in their body, they affect them physically and mentally a lot. In fact, during that time, she has to bear the pain of all kinds of surgeries and to wake up the child to sleep day and night,

 due to which she is unable to take care of herself, after giving birth to the child, all the work done by her looking at the health of the child. From feeding the baby every half an hour to keeping it clean .

I am always busy changing her wet clothes and doing many household chores, so it is necessary that the family members should support her in these days and mother should take some time for herself in these difficult days. 

If you pay a little attention to food and drink, then let us know how women should take care of themselves after baby delivery.

Food should be rich in protein and calcium:

When a mother gives birth to a child, she has to be breastfed, in such a situation, it is necessary that their level should be asked to us as much as possible, it affects the child even from a distance, if at such a time you will not eat protein-rich and healthy food. 

So all the nutrients will be exhausted from your body and you will become much weaker than before, so it is important to include plenty of protein and calcium in your diet and apart from this use other supplements as prescribed by the doctor.

Take Yourself Out of the Baby Blues:

After the birth of the child, there are many changes in the new mother at the hormonal, physical and psychological levels, so it has been seen many times that the girl who does not become a mother,

 becomes mentally weak and emotional. Irritability comes too much which will normally come inside anyone, this is what baby blues do, if this is happening to you too, if you feel like this, then you must share things with your family members. Do it and if possible consult a doctor.

Get plenty of sleep:

After giving birth to a new child, the mother has to stay awake for many nights and many days while handling that child, many mothers have to wake up for alms even in the night and have to do household chores during the day, 

due to this their sleep is not complete. Nor do they get time to rest, in such a situation, you will try, along with the baby, you will get quick rest and the body will become healthy soon.

Get help from family members:

After giving birth to the child as much as possible, you should also take the help of the family members to do the household chores and share the responsibility ,

of your household with your husband and other members of the house and the family members should also take care in such a way. It should be kept in mind that if there is any work related to the child in the house, 

then take an active part in it and help the mother. But do not put it, that is why the family members should support the new mother and do not put most of the household responsibilities on the weak mother's body.

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