How To Relax Your Mind from Stress

 When we stop talking to ourselves, thoughts stop coming. Can you imagine something without speaking, which language we use. Along with this, some pictures are associated with some sensations and some experiences. This is how the mind works. like are animals, there is language, but it is very simple. If there is not that much complex, then even animals think. Ever since he lives in the forest, he has a language of his own. They communicate with each other.

Commented and finished the thought His language is very simple but we. My language is so complex that we get stuck there ourselves. Even if there is no need, even then they start imagining. If this happens then what will happen again related If something happens then there is no need to think.

If we stop talking to ourselves, it is not difficult, if you want to do 4 minutes for 2 minutes a day initially. Do 5 minutes. This is a real sense even if you want, you can give a distraction that I will not talk to you, let's do the work.

If we can understand this then it is very easy. What was so far that we were trying to stop the thought. But even on the room, if we gradually reduce speaking to ourselves, then where is the Thought, then there is the same place for Thought. As much as it should be, that is, you have to do some work and do some planning.

Thoughts are needed for your whole day over there, are you planning there. How are you doing, if you see it in the mission by speaking, then it will be clear. How do we plan? How am I talking to you my heart? how are you listening to me? Step by step comfortably at what time do I have to do one, at what time it is good to do it, what will happen then? Then you are giving the pill inside yourself, so there is no harm in speaking when it is necessary. Heart isn't bad when we don't understand the station. Too fast, the thoughts will stop coming. If the thoughts stop coming, then we will die or else we are not alive with the dead body, then there is no problem of thought. Talking to yourself is not a problem either. To speak to oneself means to think. Speak to yourself, if we further understand what is mind. If you want to say something to yourself, then say something about money. If you talk to him more, then do it thoughtfully. No senses see what to talk to which fellow and what to talk to him, is he more important or himself?

Talking is important. One is our body which is working on its own. Do we need to think about ourselves, do we not have to think to bring our branch that our nails grow on their own if we go on and on. Digestion happens automatically. This can be your nature's needs! Coding of what is necessary, whatever we need, all that is already well within us to survive. whatever we need. That's all we need to stay alive. We don't have to think for that which is nature's intelligence. We don't need to do anything for that. That entire storehouse is our treasure. It's inside.So we should know where to use it. Where not to do it. What are the limits of the heart? We should know this. We should know what the limits of the mind are. you are sick The more you say inside yourself that I should be fine, get well, get well, why is it not getting better, why is it not getting better, the more time it will take. At that time you rest for two or three days and you will be fine very soon.

Animals do the same thing. Thought in  Our nature is taking away real intelligence. is not helping. It is our mind that I am thinking, someone is interfering. Nature's intelligence, now how to control the mind. Like, why are you aware of what they are saying inside themselves, so what if they want Thought later? Then only the apartment that I can do goes of no use to me. But if you say why is this thought going on inside us? Fast related If it should not come then it does not go. Very fast memory I scared some fashion letter. Now you say that Thought should not come, then it is ahead and should not remain on your own. What happens, he has come, hasn't he?

You are afraid of you, that's why you are saying that you should not come. What am I doing from the other side? Was able to lift Now you say that thought should not go now that it should remain in place for the next 1 hour. We are afraid of what cannot happen. Even if you want, no fast memory can remain for 24 hours. Why are you afraid when you cannot survive?

This is called understanding of the mind.


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