How to gain weight fast Girls&boys

Friends, if you are very skinny. If you want to increase your weight. Want to gain weight. You will not get better information than this on the whole internet, I am going to tell you the complete information through our Ayurveda book Ashtanga Hridayam, so let's know.

Which pranayama do you have to do to gain weight? What to eat, which five such things if you consume. What should be your daily routine on an empty stomach in the morning or throughout the day. What should be the lifestyle and what should be eaten by eating which herbs increases weight. Friends first of all know why you guys keep losing weight.

See the process of our digestive system. It's called metabolism!

 If your metabolism is working very fast i.e. as much as it should be working normally. If your metabolism is running faster than that, then the calories you have burn faster. If your calories burn faster, then friends, your weight will decrease faster. There will be no fat accumulation in your body. Friends, fat will not accumulate in your body. If your metabolism becomes fast, then in order to normalize the metabolism, first of all it is very important that you have to work from the root. If you say anything about food, it will not happen to him. That is why what it means to work from the root is that you have to exercise to do pranayama. What to do, let's discuss about it, which increases weight.

1.Normal  water mixed with honey 

Friends, one of the first things that people want to do is to gain weight. Normal i.e. some cold water mixed with honey should be consumed, those who want to lose weight, they should consume lukewarm water mixed with honey mixed with lukewarm water and lemon mixed in it. Those who want to gain weight, take lemon and honey lightly in room temperature water, in a little cold water, which is called no pot of water, see, I am not talking about freeze water. I drink pot water. This slows down the metabolism a bit.

2.Wake up early morning 

After that I learned to get up early in the morning, you have spoiled your lifestyle, you do not get up early in the morning. Because of that you guys can't exercise. What did the ancient people do? Used to eat half a kilo of ghee. Now this thing seems strange, it means that it does not seem worth believing. How can one eat half a kilo at a time? In 1 day but believe me friends. If you work very hard with your body. After that eat ghee or eat any thing. Your body will feel that but you are eating food. Sitting all day in one place, some do not do much work. The physical labor that is there today compared to 100 years ago. By hard work she is left with only 20%. That is, it is 20% less than before. Perhaps you can be wrong in less than that, so does it mean that we do not work hard and eat. After this, if it is not found in our body, then work hard to get it in our body.

3.Doing some pranayama

After this, by doing some pranayama, Kapalbhati Pranayama, Bhastrika Pranayama, Anulom Vilom Pranayama, these three pranayamas get your metabolism completely settled. That is, it gets maintained. There is a perfect balance. Apart from this, the blood circulation in your body also becomes good. Whatever you eat, it will get its nutrients through the blood in your body, then doing pranayama all three anulom vilom kapal. All three magazines are very important.

  • Friends, let's talk about five things and herbs that can increase your weight.


First Ashwagandha is used if mixed with milk. Many people use Ashwagandha with water along with milk very important Ashwagandha. Then it will not benefit much. For weight gain, take a glass of cow's milk especially. make it hot. Then let cool. A little humming. If you mix Ashwagandha powder in one spoon i.e. between 3 to 5 grams and consume it at bedtime.

2.Dry fruits

Dry fruit in which it is best to soak walnut kernels in water at night while sleeping. If you take a 1-foot kernel after waking up in the morning, and if you see dates together, then there are dry dates, which are called chuhara, it is very good to increase weight.

Soak the walnuts soaked in water as well. I am telling you this whole experiment for winter. See, our weight gain is best in the winter season. If it happens in the mustard season, then the winter season is about to come, then friends, you should keep walnut kernels and one to two untouched wives. You also have to eat this on an empty stomach after waking up in the morning. Drink a glass of water while drinking water. Drink coconut water. Daughter's juice is also very good, which is called Escard in English. The juice of the son, which is white petha, gets quite slim. It is very important for the juice officer to take water liquid in the market. Only after that you take these medicines, these things, which are hot. Take plenty of water throughout the day and take it well.

3.Multigrain Roti

Whether multigrain roti is good, like millet, corn, soybean, wheat, after mixing all the things, you have to grind the flour, after that the multigrain roti is to be eaten in breakfast, people who do not want to eat roti. You can eat multigrain roti in 1 day. You can eat any fruit a day. The best of fruits is papaya.

The best of fruits is papaya. If there is a banana, any signal suits you, you can also take a little amla in the winter season in the market available. Eat carrots. After this drink sugarcane juice. Wherever you go at this time, there are fruits. You should use them after waking up in the morning. You should use different things. If you want to increase your weight. One day you ate fruit and ate fruit. The next day you can eat porridge like you can eat wheat porridge. You can eat Joe's porridge or you can also eat mixed multigrain porridge if you want. It's very good. To increase the weight, pure ghee of the cow was added. Don't forget at all as your divine cools down. It remains a little warm, but not completely cold, in the middle of it, warm a little bit and hum a little. Make it and put it. After that use it. It's very good. It also enhances your body and is also very good for boosting energy to give physical strength.

4.Taking good sleep

Taking good sleep is very important, doing village exercises. You are eating well and if you do not get enough sleep for 6 to 7 hours, then friends will only harm you. Very dangerous. Lack of sleep also shortens life. If old age also brings early, if you do not take sleep well, then it is very important to take good sleep.

5.Use sprouted gram dal by soaking moong dal

You can use sprouted gram dal by soaking moong dal at bedtime and sprouting it in the morning and the next day. It is very important to sprout, apart from what friends have eaten in the diet, the same is normal Indian food. Vegetable lentils, roti, rice, as much as you can eat food, have eaten brown rice in rice.

Eat less train is good for gaining weight. Good for him too. There are two reasons for diabetes are due to eating friends and white rice. In most of India, white rice is white. Enjoy your meal to the fullest. It is called shell green food, like brown rice has become. Must be filled whole. Do not eat it in pieces. You can eat such things. Show that you should eat after mixing all the things. There is no such particular diet that on the 1st day you took it, the next day also I have to take it in the next day itself. You can eat Delhi if you want. It is also good for gaining weight. What force can you show by mixing cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios, figs, dry grapes in the middle. It would be very good. I hope something to increase the weight. 

Today's information related to weight gain must have been liked by the concerned.

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