Constipation; cause, symptoms, treatment& prevention

 Doubts and queries about diet for constipation

Today we will talk about some common directory practices related to Constipation, which you can definitely do by following Constipation and there are some doubts and myths related to Constipation so that you will be able to improve your health.

What is constipation

The frequency of bowel moments can vary from person to person. Some people pass stools two or three times in a day but some people have very low frequency of passing stools.

What causes constipation

1.Constipation is very much linked to our lifestyle if we have low fiber intakes in our food.
2.Lack of physical activities or exercise may be triggering for our constipation factor.
3.Trawel or other changes in routine If our routing gets disturbed then our constancy gets affected a lot.
4.Excessive alcohol consumption &stress
Apart from this, constipation is also seen in pregnancy.

Who is more likely to become constipated

Most constipation has been seen in children, because in today's generation, children who are eating food in which fiber is very less.

Western toilet, due to which the pousture of people who have depression is not formed properly while toileting, due to which they are unable to pass that stool, this is the reason why children complain of constipation if the fiber intake in your food is too much. only less
To keep the body healthy, 25 grams of fiber is necessary for the body.
Food items to avoid during constipation.

You should stop eating closed items and outposts in your food as much as possible. Fourth are agro foods, they are very high in quantity if you take alcohol, then leave that too avoid irregular eating if you do not do regular fudge. There are huge triggers that prove constancy

Healthy eating& lifestyle changes for constipation

1.include enough fibers in your diet

2.include healthy fats in your diet

3.include probiotic food and product in your diet

4.include milk and milk products in your diet

5. Drink plenty of water and fluids

Home remedies for constipation

1.Lukewarm milk and ghee and tea


4. Trifala

5. Wood apple


7. Fennal seeds



If you have diet related remedies, by following which you can remove constipation, you can remove your constipation by adopting one of these .

Other remedies for constipation

Physical activities have a huge role in removing the constipation
By doing activity or exercise, our body's metabolism is increased.
You can use some asanas to remove the constipation.







Apart from these asanas, you can do off different levels like Anulom Vilom to refresh your stress level.
Before doing nutrition, keep in mind that if you do any of these asanas, then after meeting with a specialist doctor, take special care of how much time and how to do it.

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