Reduce Belly Fat the FASTEST WAY(100% Result)

 Reduce Belly fat-

Hey guys,welcome to my,I will discus simple 10 lifestyle changes that will help you reduce your belly fat.

1. DRINK WATER                                                                                                                     When and in what quantity should we drink water? You must have noticed that even after doing a good diet and workout, you get very little results in your body, then the main reason for this is that you drink water incorrectly and drink water during fat loss. What is the correct way. Friends, as soon as you wake up in the morning, you must drink two glasses of lukewarm water without rinsing so that your metabolic rate will increase slightly and your body will lose more fat and it will be good for you to drink hot water throughout the day. By doing this the metabolic rate will increase and your body will lose more fat.


 Most of us are unaware of this quality of vegetables and if seen, all the people present on this earth know that the biggest boon of nature will go to us all. They do not know which vegetable gives benefit in which disease and? Which vegetable can turn out to be a panacea for you, then we know in which video today. First of all, let us tell you about the benefits of green vegetables, that consumption of green vegetables increases immunity. Also, if green vegetables are consumed regularly, then the distance from that kind of people will automatically be created. Mathura is a simple matter that in words it was meant to make a person disease free. Apart from this, if you consume green vegetables, then after some time it is because vegetables provide the most energy to our body among all the food items. For this reason the best source of energy. It is believed that if you are gaining weight, then you can also use green vegetables regularly to reduce weight or even consume fruits because this can also give you a lot of benefit. is. The benefits of consuming green vegetables have already been known.


Eat one handful of nuts now Almonds, cashews, peanuts, walnut these are great sources of healthy fat. that good fat cuts back side, so you have to meet 1 handful of these not every day. it is if you want to have these notes in one serving as well as far as, I'm concerned you can soak them but please do not remove  the skin it is rich in vitamin E .


Dairy now the dairy products are loaded with saturated fat, and saturated fat is one thing which you want to avoid. if you are looking to cut fat from your body, so make sure you buy low fat versions of milk, curd paneer and other dairy products. as well as milk is concerned to double toned and skimmed milk and where you can use this low fat milk to make paneer and curd at home .


Please, remember that sugar and salt are your biggest Enemies. and whatever you get outside your home is either loaded with salt or is loaded with sugar which was nothing but empty calories. Salt on the other hand holds water in your body can make you gain weight. so, if you're looking for fast result. you have to cut down that junk food out of your diet at home minimise the use of sugar.


Scientifically, proven that sleeping well keep their food trading floor and helps you in weight loss. so, make sure you have a sound sleep of about 7 to 8 hours every night.


 Now Indian eating style is full of cardboard not be used to eating food. chapatis per serving bowl of rice, boiled potatoes. now he's a very high in carbohydrates are body does not utilise. all these operators at all the unutilized carbohydrates get stored as fat do you know that for 1 gram of carbohydrate. that your body quotes 3 gram of water so, if you're serious about fat loss you have to cut them on your daily carbohydrate intake or have you ever noticed that your body feels full.


when you eat roti them when you eat rice with this is because, we have been used to eating whole wheat Ooty and white rice with whole wheat .Roti is a whole grain a complex carbohydrate on the other hand, white rice is a simple cardboard. which is nothing but the refined version of how to make sure, you switch to Complex carbohydrates like whole wheat brown rice, oats and other whole grains of less carbohydrates are  nutrition and fibre this slowly release energy and keep you full for a longer period of time .


Now unfortunately in Indian Lifestyle protein is missing. protein is an essential macronutrient, which is responsible for the daily repair of the body skin and hair health do you know, that eating protein reduces your food cravings. by about 60% this is because protein naturally has a complex structure. so, when we eat protein a body find it a little difficult to break it down as a result A tummy feels full . writing a question morning and you will find that your body feels full for a longer period of time, and I just egg, white chicken breast ,feed funny length L soyabean, soya chunks, pulses. these are all great sources of protein and should be in your diet on a daily basis. so ,next time when you have a  make sure it is low in carbohydrates.


Workout no even if you like this first n terms. you are bound to lose fat from your bottom but to make the process faster if, it is always better to workout starting point at home. I had made workout at home without equipment and girl should do weight training as it is very effective for weight loss. please don't worry that you will get muscles this what happened because the body does not have that much of testosterone to make you.


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