Akshay kumar six tips to stay fit

 The person who cannot give one hour to his body out of his twenty-four hours, then that person should kill himself and should be killed, then have you taken out one hour of your life? What can you guys achieve by taking an hour? Having a good health that everyone has is a very difficult task.

Because everyone has no time to earn. You got busy to give one hour to the body, but aren't you more busy than Akshay Kumar?
Do you earn more than them, when this guy, despite being so busy, is able to give so much time for his body, then why not us.

Six tips to stay fit-

Today we will talk about six tips given by Akshay Kumar. which are very useful to keep our body fit. If it is necessary, then why should not we also live these things, one day by following their words. So you must give an hour to your body. When I am telling its benefits. I myself lost so much weight. And today in this condition my ability to think would have increased. Our ability to understand increases. Whatever work we do changes something, man, what is the harm, if it is benefitting, then what is the harm in adopting it in our life, I am not asking you. Is it bad to know that I have to change. One hour has to be given for the body.

Wakeup in morning (akshay kumar)-Akshay Kumar sleeps at 9:30. It gets up to nine o'clock at 9:00 and wakes up at 4:00 every day. He is fine and he says that he has not passed a day when he has not seen the rising sun. Isn't it shocking, and how many of us will be such that we can understand how old we are. They are about 52 years old but you can compare them.

1.Atlist one hours workout daily-

Always do some workout. You don't need to make any rules for 1 hour that you make any rules. Do that rule daily. nothing like this. Whatever you do, follow us for 1 hour.

2.Sleep after digesting food-

We should sleep after digesting food. Do not press the food. Most of us eat our food when we are going to sleep. Mostly in our India, many people sleep after eating food, how lazy we become and when a time comes that we do not understand what to do now, we are far away from our healthy life, then this is what I have to say to you. Whenever you go to sleep, you should sleep after digesting the food. According to them, you have made a rule. You should have done your food and water before 6:00 pm. After that, you go to sleep around 9:00 am, so what a good timing you told, according to you, why not try this thing.

3.Ban sugar and salt-

We have to ban sugar and salt, do not eat anything, eat all the food before you? That means it should be closed. If you can't stop then most of the problem will be solved by us and salt. The calories in sugar make our blood sugar rise very quickly. If you can't put it in a hurry, then at least cut it half way. If you ever feel like eating sweets on such a post, then follow that policy and eat the entire Gulab Jamun by coming home. You say like this, if you do not agree, then one day decide with us or do some point side by side. I'll have one after a week in love, okay.

4.don't eat junk food -

Stop eating junk food, stop the market stuff at once.listen to your mind, if you don't have time for your body, then you have more money in your pocket, then list of the hospitaltips.

5.Remove lazyness -

There is no need to dictate to your children for every small work, for some work you have to bring something like you or If you want to do some work, do not tell anyone else, you do it yourself. Due to this, you will not have a Sunday tomorrow and you will also feel active and your metabolic rate will also increase, instead he says, use the stairs as much as you can. This will give you exercise and your body will get relief. You will get help.

6.Change your habbit-

Change your habits gradually, slowly, it cannot be changed immediately because the nature of human is such but you can do it even if you want, you people also adopted all these things of good Kumar and yourself keep fit.


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